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Young King, Artist at 2-4 One Entertainment My name is Young King. I’m a local artist from the Southside of Indianapolis Indiana! I want fame way before fortune, I want to be rich in fans before money. I’m probably the most dedicated local you could meet and my love for hip hop is unmatched.My label 2-4ONE Ent. is way more than a label to me too. It’s just as important as family and I’m here to make sure we all succeed. If you got any other questions, just ask me, I’m not shy!


> > > Josh C. also known as Nastie Ink, "That Dirty Whyte Boy From the N-a-p"Josh C. also known as Nastie Ink, “That Dirty Whyte Boy From the N-a-p”

Born and raised in Hamilton Ohio, Nastie used to be affiliated with a hiphop metal band called The Kings of Havok. In 2008 the band broke up and he went his own to develop his hiphop career. In 2014 he joined the 2-4 ONE family. In 2015 CME World Wide signed Nastie Ink as an artist.

Presently, Nastie is still involved with 2-4 ONE Ent. as an artist & partner.